Artcore Fanzine #28 out next week (with video preview)

zine-cover-artcore-28I was only recently just hipped to Artcore Fanzine via a link from Jerk Store‘s Facebook page, and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it. Artcore was first published in 1986, and has been putting out a new issue just about every year since then.

Covering both modern hardcore, as well as devoting half of each issue to “Vaultage” – which looks at bands of yesteryear – Artcore might be the only ‘zine out there to effectively bridge the gap between the mid-’80s DIY scene and today. Past issues have featured what were thought to be long-lost recordings on 7-inch and LP, and are rather difficult to track down (the 2006 issue is currently on eBay for about $25).

The issue ships next Tuesday, but you can order it now for £2.75 out of their store.