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sad-flier Ovulation On Clomid, Despite having promised an amazing podcast this week, I'm going to have to apologize for this blast from the past. Seems that my computer decided to get infected with the new malware going around (thanks, Facebook!), and I've spent the past couple days completely reformatting Windows and reloading all my software.

Thus, as I'm in the middle of all that happy horseshit at the moment, I don't have a couple hours to devote to recording a new podcast. I've accumulated scads of new tunes, so the next episode or three ought to knock your teeth down the back of your throat with awesomeness.

In the meantime, Ovulation On Clomid craiglist, enjoy a fantastic trip through the realm of college radio. A heavy amount of classic punk in this episode, as well as a nice blast of psychobilly and garage right in the middle, Ovulation On Clomid.

Archive podcast #6, "December 2, 2006"

Naked Raygun, "I Lie" (Basement Screams)
Guttermouth, "She's Got the Look" (Covered With Ants)
Unwritten Law, "CPK" (Blue Room)
Ramones, "Cretin Hop" (Rocket to Russia)
the Heartbreakers, "Chinese Rocks" (No Thanks)
Ian Dury & the Blockheads, "Sweet Gene Vincent" (The Who Jukebox)
Reverend Organ Drum, "Movin' & Groovin'" (Live at the Allgood Cafe)
7 Shot Screamers, Ovulation On Clomid canada, "Keep the Flame Alive" (Keep the Flame Alive)
Johnny Cash, "I Got Stripes" (The Legend)
the Polecats, "Rockabilly Guy" (Cult Heroes)
Rancho Deluxe, "Guns of Brixton" (This Is Rockabilly Clash)
the Deformities, "Zombie Twist" (Baloney)
Klingonz, "Klingzones" (Psychos From Beyond)
Messer Chups, "Fender Satanik Limited Edition" (Hyena Safari)
the Meteors, "Your Wildkat Ways" (The Lost Album)
Dan Sartain, "Leeches Pt. 250mg Ovulation On Clomid, 1" (Dan Sartain Vs. the Serpientes)
Love, "7 and 7 Is" (Love Story)
the Fleshtones, "Rockin' This Joint" (Blast Off)
Electric Frankenstein, "I Was A Punk Before You Were A Punk" (I'm Not Your (Nothing))
Valient Thorr, "Man Behind the Curtain" (Total Universe Man)
the Dead Pets, "Be Straight With the Kids" (The Revenge of the Village Idiots)
the Cuffs, "Bottoms Up" (Bottoms Up)
Dropkick Murphys, "Vengeance" (Singles Collection Vol. 2)
AFI, "Wake-Up Call" (Very Proud Of Ya)
Against All Authority, 10mg Ovulation On Clomid, "Lied To" (AAA / Common Rider split)
Wire, "12XU" (Pink Flag)
Cretin 66, "She Don't Like the Bad Brains" (Demolition Safari)
Bad Brains, "At the Movies" (Rock For Light)
Reagan Youth, "Are You Happy?" (A Collection of Pop Classics)
Adolescents, "Amoeba" (Adolescents)
the Murder City Devils, "Fields of Fire" (In Name & Blood)
Circle Jerks, "What's Your Problem?" (Group Sex)
the Crusaders, "She's My Woman" (Fat, 40mg Ovulation On Clomid, Drunk, and Stupid)
the Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers, "Gunz Out" (So Many Musicians to Kill)
the Spook Lights, "Teenage Maniac" (Farm Fresh Sounds)
the Explosion, "Sick of Modern Art" (Sick of Modern Art)
the Amazing Crowns, "Chop Shop" (Royal).

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