Archive podcast #5 – November 18, 2006

sad-flierDue to something floating about in the air around these parts, I’ve been feeling rather poorly all week. All my energy’s going to the day job at the bakery, as well as all the extra work I’ve been lucky enough to snag at the Pitch.

Thus, I am sickly from whatever’s waylaid a co-worker and a co-worker’s kid (to say nothing of assorted friends), and as my voice has as of yet still not recovered from overtaxing it whenever the mic was nearby during Sick of it All’s set (I blame “Step Down,” really), I sound pretty much terrible. That’s worse than normal, mind you. That being said, here’s an archive podcast for you. I hope you’ll enjoy it. There’s a nice mix of garage, hardcore, and punk, with a heaping of straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll.

Archive podcast #5, “November 18, 2006”

H2O, “1995” (2006 demos)
Federation of Horsepower, “Testify” (demo)
Koffin Kats, “Caught Up” (Inhumane)
Demented Are Go, “Hellbilly Storm” (Hellbilly Storm)
Burden Brothers, “Come On Down” (Buried In Your Black Heart)
Hot Rod Lunatics, “Drags” (Psychoaccelerator)
Flatfoot 56, “Hold Fast” (Knuckles Up)
Unknown Stuntman, “Porno Attractive” (Natural Male Enhancement)
Hypstrz, “In the Midnight Hour” (Live At the Longhorn)
Chuck Mead, “There You Go” (Dressed In Black)
the Mummies, “I’m Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight” (Estrus Kamikazi Ass Chomp ‘n’ Stomp)
the Catheters, “Magnus Died Howling…” (It Grows and Grows!!!)
Black Halos, “For You” (A Fistful of Rock ‘n’ Roll vol. 4)
Schleprock, “Suburbia” ((America’s) Dirty Little Secret)
Gitogito Hustler, “None” (SXSW Sampler 2006)
Against All Authority, “I Just Wanna Start A Circle Pit” (The Restoration of Chaos and Order)
the Unseen, “Explode” (Explode)
Fear, “More Beer” (More Beer)
the Criminals, “Never Been Caught” (Never Been Caught)
Sex Pistols, “Pretty Vacant” (Never Mind the Bollocks)
the Riverboat Gamblers, “The Song We Used to Call ‘Wasting Time'” (To the Confusion of Our Enemies)
River City Rebels, “No Time” (No Good No Time No Pride)
Bad Religion, “I Want to Conquer the World” (No Control)
Back Porch Mary, “City of New Orleans” (The Last Rock Show)
MC5, “Back In the USA” (The Big Bang!)
Psychotic Youth, “14 Or Fight” (Be In the Sun)
Electric Eel Shock, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Can Rescue the World” (Go USA!)
Metropolitans, “Screaming, Pt. 1” (The Big Itch Vol. 2)
the Crestones, “The Chopper” (Hot Rod Rumble)
Billy Pitcock & the People, “The Frog” (Bug Out Vol. 1)
Johnny Burnette, “Honey Hush” (Rock ‘n’ Roll Trio)
Junior Brown, “Surf Medley” (Semi Crazy)
Reverend Organ Drum, “Movin’ and Groovin'” (Live At the Allgood Cafe)
Los Straightjackets, “The Mad Scientwist” (Twist Party!)
the Blue Van, “Independence” (Dear Independence)
the Amazing Royal Crowns, “Wreckin’ Machine” (the Amazing Royal Crowns)