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cover-antiseen-new-bloodIf Antiseen Antibiotic Flagyl Dosage, ever have the desire to make some serious money, they'll just release an album of nothing but their songs about wrestling. First of all, they're note-perfect hillbilly rock 'n' roll odes to grapplers like Abdullah the Butcher, Sabu, Cactus Jack, et al. Secondly -- well, Antibiotic Flagyl Dosage us, they're really the best songs Antiseen writes.

Their recent release, New Blood, had me listening to it and it was all pretty "ho-hum, more scum rock, 750mg Antibiotic Flagyl Dosage, some military allusions, bad cover song, maybe I ought to listen to something else -- no, wait!" Three wrestling songs in a row in the album's back half make this an album that, if not a must-buy, is definitely worth checking out.

A song called "Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch", 1000mg Antibiotic Flagyl Dosage. It's like manna from heaven, Antibiotic Flagyl Dosage. It made me want to go dig out the Japanese matches Terry Funk did back in the '80s and '90s. It's then immediately followed by "The Mysterious Green Mist," an ode to the Great Kabuki. A triptych of squared circle greatness is completed with "Invader 1 Must Die," about José González, Antibiotic Flagyl Dosage craiglist, who infamously stabbed Bruiser Brody to death in a Puerto Rican ring. Mile-a-minute riffs, sludgy bass ... Antibiotic Flagyl Dosage, it's what makes this North Carolina band still fun after so many years.

New Blood's a singles collection, which probably contributes to the uneven quality, but Switchlight Records has a pretty good record here. The CD is limited to 1000 copies and comes in a digipack, 500mg Antibiotic Flagyl Dosage. The LP version is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on orange vinyl and includes a download code. Grab it from the Switchlight Store.


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