Expired Amoxicillin

Expired Amoxicillin, Forgive me for not mentioning these guys earlier, but I am super-hyped about the stateside release of the Test Icicles' For Screening Purposes Only next week. I mean, it's been out overseas since Halloween, but the only thing available in the U.S. was their Boa vs, 750mg Expired Amoxicillin. Python EP. Thankfully, Domino Records US arm is putting it out.

And this is some great shit, Expired Amoxicillin. Expired Amoxicillin india, Screamy, Blood Brothers meets the Faint type hardcore. Very dancy, very electronic, and very loud, 200mg Expired Amoxicillin. Amazingly shitty band name aside, they still manage to rock like crazy. Sadly, 30mg Expired Amoxicillin, their tour that starts March 1 doesn't come anywhere near Lawrence, so I will have to wait a little longer to see how well this shit translates live. Expired Amoxicillin, In case you were wondering, the band's MySpace page defines their name thusly:
1. Test - Icicle:
v. To test an icicle
Primitive men used to Test Icicles to ensure their sturdiness prior to using them as a stabbling weapon

"Circle. Square, 40mg Expired Amoxicillin. Triangle"
"All You need Is Blood"

"Boa vs. Python".

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