Diflucan Dark Urine

Recently acquired colorful vinyl:

* Marble green - Hipshakes / Cococoma tour split 7"
* Purple - the Stranger's Prison Called Life 7"
* Oxblood red - Naked Raygun's Throb Throb LP reissue
* Good ol' black - the Hex Dispensers' Lose My Cool 7"
* Good ol' black - the Polecats' Make A Circuit With Me Diflucan Dark Urine, LP

In actual, real news, it appears that Sandstone is Sandstone again. Good. Now I don't have to explain what the hell I'm talking about to KU freshmen anymore... 30mg Diflucan Dark Urine, at least in this respect.

Also, if I were a fifteen year-old (or 25 year-old who smoked too much pot), I would be totally fucking stoked that Warped Tour and a Snoop Dogg / 311 show are both at Sandstone a week apart, 200mg Diflucan Dark Urine. I am neither - although if I could figure out a way to justify the $32 ticket price, I'd go see My Chemical Romance on the 15th, Diflucan Dark Urine. There's something about MCR that makes me feel the need to justify my fandom regarding the band to pretty much everyone I meet - that would be the fact that most fans of MCR are 15 year-old girls who wear WAY too much eyeliner and shop at Hot Topic for A Nightmare Before Christmas accouterments.

Still, 50mg Diflucan Dark Urine, the band kicks ass in a theatrical way that bands really haven't done since the '70s. They're up there with Alice Cooper and Queen, along with a little bit of the Tubes, as far as bands that put on shows, Diflucan Dark Urine overseas, as opposed to concerts. Then again, 1000mg Diflucan Dark Urine, their shows always come when I'm either broke or otherwise committed, so I pretty much have to go on reviews, which just get me all salivary.

This post was all over the fucking place, huh.

My Chemical Romance - "Welcome to the Black Parade".

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