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Punknews reported today that Abacus Recordings announced they will release Swedish rockers Turbonegro's new record Party Animals Colchicine Extraction, in North America on August 23rd.

Licensed from Sweden's Burning Heart Records, Abacus' version of the Steve McDonald produced album (the band's 6th) will include a bonus DVD of behind-the-scenes footage. The European version of the album has been available since May 9th.

And, Colchicine Extraction paypal, if you happen to know a hardcore Turbojugend, then you've already heard this cd. And if you don't... well, you're a sad sorry person who is going to have to do a lot of searching on BitTorrent and Soulseek to find this fucker, Colchicine Extraction. Colchicine Extraction overseas, Or pay obscene amounts of money to import it. Or wait impatiently until August 23. And even longer to wait for their decandently good live show to come through your neck of the woods (to date, the greatest experience I've ever had at a concert was crowd surfing and pumping my fist to "Get It On").

To make the pain even worse, Colchicine Extraction coupon, I'll explain what makes this record so good. It's better than Ass Cobra Colchicine Extraction, , way better than Scandanavian Leather, even more amazing than the incomparable Apocolypse Dudes. This is the rock 'n' roll album of the year. Turbonegro has finally figured out a perfect balance between rock, Colchicine Extraction japan, punk, and good ol' fashioned shock tactics. It's bombastic, fucking LOUD, and has resulted in a ten mile an hour increase in my highway driving, 50mg Colchicine Extraction.

To whet your appetite, check out a retrospective of the band's older stuff at Something I Learned Today..., and the Turbojugend USA site has an mp3 off the new record:

"All My Friends Are Dead"

from Apocolypse Dudes
"The Age of Pamparius"
"Get It On"
"Rock Against Ass"

from Ass Cobra
"Sailor Man"

from Scandanavian Leather
"Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed"
"Sell Your Body (To the Night)"
"Fuck the World"

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