Retin-a Improves Acne Scars

Straight from Matador Records comes the news that the New Pornographers Retin-a Improves Acne Scars, ' latest album, Twin Cinema is DONE. Yay.

The group features Dan Bejar of Destroyer and my favorite lady in music, Miss Neko Case. The press release says:

"Twin Cinema,' the New Pornographers' third album, finds all seven-plus members pushing themselves in dizzying ways, 750mg Retin-a Improves Acne Scars. The album features leader A.C. Newman's most heartfelt songs yet, such as "The Bleeding Heart Show" and the Neko showCase "These Are The Fables", Retin-a Improves Acne Scars. "The Jessica Numbers" and "Three or Four" approach "Jesus Christ Superstar" levels of theater and nerve, "Use It" and the title track are amongst the band's best. Dan Bejar (Destroyer) three remarkable contributions include "Jackie, Dressed In Cobras, Retin-a Improves Acne Scars overseas, " a wild-eyed glam sequel to Mass Romantic's "Jackie". Guests include singer Nora O'Connor and Carl's long-lost teenage niece (really) Kathryn Calder on vocals and piano (soon to be a touring member of the group).

While Twin Cinema is no less catchy (and the arrangements no less intricate) than your fave moments from Mass Romantic and Electric Version, there's a sense of economy and cutting wit which stand in slight contrast to the party-out-of-bounds vibe of those records. Retin-a Improves Acne Scars, The New Pornographers have blown us away, again. Dig it deep."

Sounds fucking fantastic. Their last two albums have been great summertime records, and I doubt this one will disappoint on the power-pop front, Retin-a Improves Acne Scars canada. That "economy and cutting wit" comment makes it seem to me that the record's gonna be a little harder-edged (kinda like "He's A Whore" Cheap Trick, as opposed to "Dream Police" Cheap Trick). It doesn't come out until August 23, but here's the tracklisting:

1. Twin Cinema
2, Retin-a Improves Acne Scars. The Bones Of An Idol
3. Retin-a Improves Acne Scars paypal, Use It
4. The Bleeding Heart Show
5. Jackie Dressed In Cobras
6. Retin-a Improves Acne Scars, The Jessica Numbers
7. These Are The Fables
8. Sing Me Spanish Techno
9. Falling Through Your Clothes
10. Broken Beads
11, Retin-a Improves Acne Scars coupon. Three Or Four
12. Star Bodies
13. Streets Of Fire
14. Stacked Crooked

You can listen to the title track, and hopefully it'll hold you until August.

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