Acid Mothers Temple and Space Paranoid, “Black Magic Satori” LP

cover - acid mothers temple black magic satoriAcid Mothers Temple and Space Paranoid is the latest, umpteenth version of the Japanese psychedelic rock collective, and on this go-’round, Black Magic Satori, it’s less psych and more doom. I mean, seriously: DOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

No, but really: there’s some super down-tempo Black Sabbath love on this LP — “Black Sabbth” the song, specifically, right down to the ringing bell. On the title track, “Black Magic Satori,” Acid Mothers Temple and Space Paranoid takes the sound out of the grave and into outer space, courtesy of Higashi Hiroshi‘s madman synths.

The same goes for the chooglin’, Goblin-esque progressive boogie of “Devil Inside.” It’s freaky, freaky shit that’s hypnotic, yet terribly panic-inducing doom at its most accurate. You get goddamned uncomfortable listening to this record.

The lone exception is “Space Paranoid” itself, a disposable and not-terribly-interesting legitimate cover of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid.” Strangely enough, Acid Mothers Temple actually covering Sabbath isn’t nearly as interesting as their interpretation of it.

It’s a 12-inch vinyl LP, limited to a pressing of 500.It’s not due out until mid-November, but you can pre-order it now from the Safety Meeting Badcamp.