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To the Ergs!: Zithromax Tripack, Ending your pop-punk cd with an eighteen-minute long guitar feedback freakout is amazing. Please continue to make music, especially if it means you will at some point come through my town. Upstairs / Downstairs has been the soundtrack to the last few days here at the Nuthouse, 100mg Zithromax Tripack, to say nothing of your sweet-ass rockin' split with the Grabass Charlestons (out now on No Idea Records - go buy it).

To the Ergs. record label, Dirtnap:

Please continue to put out music such as the Exploding Hearts, the Gloryholes, Zithromax Tripack india, Dirtbike Annie, and the Ergs. The power-pop perfection inherent in these artists is what gets me through the day, Zithromax Tripack. Every time I have to listen to another shit-ass indie band, Zithromax Tripack mexico, crappy laptop electronic act, or white boy backpack rapper, I can come back to your bands and rock out, smiling like an Irishman let loose in the Guinness plant.

The Epoxies are pretty damn sweet, 30mg Zithromax Tripack, too.

the Ergs. - "Most Violent Rap Group"
the Ergs. Zithromax Tripack overseas, - "AJA"
the Ergs. - "More Vox In the Monitor"

the Ergs. sounds page.
Dirtnap Records sounds page.

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