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Flagyl Canine Medication, Because I just added all my favorite stand-up comics to the links at the left, I figured I might do a massive internet search in honor of my A+ number one favorite comic. And, happily, he's also a musician. Like listening to Jeff Buckley voice as filtered through the mind of Bill Hicks (less the politics), 20mg Flagyl Canine Medication, Stephen Lynch is the funniest fucking man alive today.

The guy, seriously, Flagyl Canine Medication us, has a fantastic voice and plays guitar like Jose Feliciano. Then you actually hear what he's singing about: such as killing kittens, sex with altar boys, peep show girls, sex with his mom.., Flagyl Canine Medication canada. you get the idea.., Flagyl Canine Medication. you're either laughing until your face hurts, or more offended than my grandma at a porn convention. This is beside the fact that Lynch writes songs that are deliriously catchy pop numbers. Flagyl Canine Medication ebay, Your listen to them once, and you're humming the damn things. Twice, and you realize you're singing "I could punch you in the stomach / And catch you unawares" in the soda aisle at the grocery store. Flagyl Canine Medication, He was supposed to come to Kansas City and play the Uptown Theater back in February, but he cancelled due to conflicting plans. Which makes me glad that I hadn't bought tickets, 40mg Flagyl Canine Medication. 'Cause that would've fucking sucked. As it is, I'm waiting eagerly for the next time he comes through the KC / Lawrence area, so I can participate in a gleefully profane singalong.

from Superhero
"What If That Guy from Smashing Pumpkins Lost His Car Keys?"

from A Little Bit Special
"Special Ed"

Live on Last Call with Carson Daly (zipped)
"She Gotta Smile"
"Ugly Baby"

Live on Opie & Anthony (zipped)
"Peep Show Girl"
"I Wanna F Your Sister"
"When Grandfather Dies"
"Cabbie Song"
"If I Were Gay"
"Altar Boy"
"Full Blown AIDS"
"Down to the Old Pub Instead"
"Dungeons & Dragons"
"Bowling Shoes"

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