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cover-pist-n-broke Flagyl And Food, If someone wants to make your friendly neighborhood record reviewer a happy person, you'll figure out a way to get this into my hands. Seems that Pist 'n' Broke has a new picture disc LP available from Germany's Randale Records. The long-dormant group reunited a couple years ago, 200mg Flagyl And Food, but this is the first sign of any recordings from them in over a decade.

Entitled 20 Years Strong, it's essentially a revamped version of the quite out-of-print compilation The Last Call 1992 To 1996, which came out on Vulture Rock in the late '90s, Flagyl And Food overseas. Additionally, it contains four unreleased songs, 20mg Flagyl And Food, making this the first picture disc I actually want. Seriously -- I usually hate these things, but this is the sort of record that seems to pop up, sell right the fuck out, and then you spend five years tracking down a copy, Flagyl And Food.

Limited to 500 copies, the oi/ska group ought to have copies at the 2000 Tons of TNT festival in Hartford over Labor Day weekend. It's not yet in the Randale shop, 40mg Flagyl And Food, but keep your eyes glued. If you ever loved the Skoidats or Inspecter 7, Flagyl And Food coupon, this is for you.

Tracklisting is after the jump.

Side A:
Pist 'n' Broke
Skinheads For Life
Dortmunder Union Boys
No Hope in Hell
Friday's Children
Twenty to One
Side B:
Punch the clock
I've Been
Radio News
Stay True

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