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The Evaporators – “Gassy Jack and Other Tales”
(Mint Records)

Upon gazing at the visage of Nardwuar the Human Serviette on the cover of Gassy Jack and Other Tales Strep Erythromycin, , I felt a little worried. Nardwuar’s brand of humor has always struck me as being massively annoying. This may have something to do with the fact that his sense of humor and interview style lies with being amazingly, 10mg Strep Erythromycin, annoyingly persistent. The Canadian sense of humor has always seemed to be a little left of center as far as I can see, and Nardwuar is a prime example of someone who’s amazingly famous up north, but barely known here in the States, 30mg Strep Erythromycin.

The Evaporators are Nardwuar’s punk group. They’re pretty much old school punk rock, Strep Erythromycin. Like Ramones punk rock, Strep Erythromycin japan, influenced as much by Phil Spector girl group stuff and Chuck Berry as they are by your usual gang of Nuggets misfits. It’s fun and the organ makes the whole thing danceable. The lyrics are a trifle on the painfully cute side of things sometimes, angling towards contrived, Strep Erythromycin canada, but they’ll still put a smile on your face. I mean, 250mg Strep Erythromycin, really – it’s got a guy from the New Pornographers and a guy from the Smugglers. Pop and punk, Candian style, and by guys who know how to do it right.

"You Got Me Into This, Now Get Me Out!".

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