Podcast #106, “Melancholy Dance Party”

dance catThis episode of the podcast is just one big mix. It's just as much due to my foggy, sore throat, as it is due to the fact that these songs just ended up flowing really well. It's a little creepy, a little dancy, and maybe even a little melancholy. If you liked what you heard, I highly suggest tracking down pretty much every release featured on this particular installment of the podcast. Most notably, you should really go to the trouble of listening to the Bombay Royale's peformance at globalFEST 2014, streaming at NPR Music. It's their debut US performance, but most importantly, it's just good music. Podcast #106, "Melancholy Dance Party" The LimiƱanas, "My Black Sabbath" (Costa Blanca) Lord Rhaburn Combo, "Disco Reconnection" ("Disco Connection" single) Bombay Royale, "Monkey Fight Snake" (You Me Bullets Love) Les & Larry Elgart, "I'm Coming Home Cindy" (Sound of the Times ) Duke Ellington & His Orchestra, "Upper And Outest" (Anatomy of a Murder soundtrack) Quincy Jones, "Main Squeeze" (The Lost Man OST) Jeffrey Novak, "Heritage Towers" (Lemon Kid) The Rich Hands, "La Luna" ("Bad Girl" single) Dum Dum Girls, "Season In Hell" (End of Daze) Bruno Nicolai, "Shanghai Joe #5" (The Ecstasy of Gold Vol. 3) Busy P, "Rainbow Man" (BIPPP: French Synth Wave 1979-85) Alessandro Parisi, "Hesperius Draco" (La Porta Ermetica) Giorgio Moroder, "Chase" (Midnight Express soundtrack) Giuliano Sorgini, "Manchester M2 GLD" (The Living Dead At the Manchester Morgue OST) Vangelis, "Memories of Green" (See You Later) The Slasher Film Festival Strategy, "Day Eighteen" (Crimson Throne)