Gallery: Planet Comicon 2013

This year's Planet Comicon was absurdly huge. Having moved from its longtime home at the Overland Park International Trade Center to Kansas City's Bartle Hall allowed for huge halls in which to fit even bigger guests than before. Wil Wheaton, George Takei, Adam Badlwin, and Nicholas Brendon were just a few of the names that have taken Kansas City's convention from something which you went to because, "well, it's in KC" to an actual event to which pop culture obsessives could freak over the course of the year. Lines moved quickly, people were friendly, and I enjoyed myself something ridiculous. Were it not for the fact that it feel on the same weekend as the equally-wonderful Middle of the Map festival, I could've easily spent my entire weekend popping from panel to panel. As it was, Sunday provided ample opportunity to run into friends and chat with some of my favorite writers and artists. Next year, I'm collecting pictures of every incarnation of Doctor Who and/or Adventure Time characters. [gallery ids="16522,16523,16524,16525,16526,16527,16528,16529,16530,16531,16532,16533,16534,16535,16536,16537,16538,16539,16540,16541,16542,16543,16544,16545,16546,16547,16548"]