The Dead Girls / The Depth & The Whisper at the Replay, 2/1/13

Lawrence's power-pop quartet the Dead Girls released their latest LP, Fade In/Fade Out on Friday, and to celebrate, they played an album release party at the Replay Lounge. The group played the entirety of the new album, top to bottom, and it sounded fucking incredible. As the Dead Girls have gone along, they've gone from being a Cheap Trick-inspired group of guys to really covering the gamut of rock 'n' roll's poppier side. They've always been a bunch to embrace melody, but this new batch of tunes really takes harmony to a new level.
Unsurprisingly, the last song of the set was a cover of the Beatles' "She Said She Said," from Revolver, which the Dead Girls will be covering in its entirety later this summer for a KKFI benefit concert. It fit right in with the the more dynamic nature of the band's new music, and the Dead Girls demonstrated once again that they've bcome one of those local bands whom you need to see and every time they play. Regardless as to whether or not the group plays an entire album start-to-finish, or whether it's just the usual set of tunes, the Dead Girls play entertainingly, and their depth of catalog is now to the point where you're never quite sure as to whether you'll get "All Is Forgotten," "You Ignited," or "Never Erased." And, really -- I could watch JoJo Longbottom play guitar all night. Seriously, the man's a showboater, but talented enough to make playing a guitar behind his head seem like a bit of amazing, rather than showing off. [gallery ids="16222,16223,16224,16225,16226,16227,16228,16229,16230"]
Openers The Depth & The Whisper are a group of whom I've never heard, despite the fact that I've seen quite a few of the band's members in other bands. I need to pay attention more. Anyhow ... sweet and dandy pop rock 'n' roll. The group's somewhere between the Cure's maudlin and the angular twang of Built to Spill. Great stuff, with just a touch of jangle. Go see 'em if you get the chance. [gallery ids="16216,16217,16218,16219,16220,16221"]