Liquor Buddies / Heavy Figs at the Replay 1/25/13

This past Friday, January 25, Lawrence Liquor Buddies played their third show ever. They've been a band for almost a year now, but as their name implies, this is more about fun and friends than fame and fortune. That being said, this is a band that plays pure rock 'n' roll. My buddy Rich has frequently opined that bands with critics in them tend to be irritating as hell (Yo La Tengo, the Patti Smith Group, et al), but frontman Steve Wilson's voice and the band's instruments were the only things with reverberations at the Replay early Friday evening. See what I did there? Wilson has a long-running column / blog called Reverberations ... whatever. Fuck you, that's clever wordsmithing right there. [gallery ids="16173,16174,16175,16176,16177,16178"]
Anyhow, the Heavy Figs opened, proving that a band can cover the Standells, Mark Bolan, and Judas Priest all within one set and sound fucking fantastically tight doing it, too. John Cutler's one of those dudes who just brings a band together -- and while I'm completely uncertain of the drummer's name (she's with the Kansas City act the Cave Girls), she pounded the skins with that totally badass style that few folks seem to have anymore, wherein the hits are sparse, but heavy when they come. Anyhow -- both bands play rarely, so check them out when the chance arises. Failing that, peep the Liquor Buddies and the Heavy Figs videos above (the Figs rock a cover of Cutler's old band Parlay), as well as the photos. [gallery ids="16167,16168,16169,16170,16171,16172"]