Heat Dust, “Heat Dust” EP

cover-heat-dustNew Orleans' Heat Dust have created a real slow-burner with their self-titled 10-inch. It's a goddamn shame the record showed up so late, or I'd have made a huge fuss about how much EPs need to be considered legitimate releases for "best of" lists. Burial's Kindred is making all sorts of noise, so why not a sludgy indie group from the Big Easy? I'm especially behind this release, because final track "Thick Distance" is as perfect a song as I've heard all year. I'm a dead sucker for any song that builds for more than half the track, only to give you a big jam or freak-out at the end. There's a certain down-tuned, stoner metal vibe to the way "Thick Distance" drones on, with thickly swirling guitars mixing and entwining with distorted vocals for the song's first half. It then kicks into a full-on riffage jam, that makes wish I still had hair to throw around. Additionally, "Priority Mail For An Asshole" continues the mining and reworking of '90s alternative rock tropes that I've enjoyed so much this year. Much like Squarehead did on "More Quickly" and So Adult did with "Stay Up," Heat Dust managed to take the familiar elements of modern rock radio with which I grew up and make them fresh and interesting. In this case, the group's taken grunge's chunky guitars and melded them with the swirling vocals of shoegaze. The album may have been released digitally last November, but it didn't see proper physical release until a month or so ago on Texas Is Funny. It's available as a 10-inch EP, with 100 on black and 400 on translucent white with a black center (which is what I have, and it looks pretty amazing). You can -- and should -- snag that from the Texas Is Funny store. Heat Dust by Heat Dust