Halloween horror marathon: Detention

poster-detentionDetention is so meta, it hurts. It makes any entry in the Scream franchise look positively staid by comparison. For instance, at one point, you have the cast of the film watching a torrented bootleg of a soon-to-be-released movie, because people in their school are being killed in the same manner as the upcoming film. In the film they watch, the characters bootleg a copy of the film by which they're getting killed. Add in time travel, body swaps, and ... fuck. I don't even think I quite remember how the ending went. Frankly, I'm not certain it even makes much of a difference. Detention is one of those movies that -- much like Scott Pilgrim, a film with which it shares a certain amount of hyper-awareness -- absolutely captivates while you're watching it, and bears an absurd number of repeated viewings. Yet, when it's all said and done, you're at a loss to describe it. The plot, as mentioned previously, turns in upon itself so many times, you're uncertain as to what the main thread was. The asides, divergent characters, and micro-stories within the larger plot confused the absolutely shit out of me. Still, you're able to understand what's going on, even if it doesn't seem to follow anything other than its own self-wrought logic (again, much like Scott Pilgrim). If you're willing to accept the fact that Detention is a movie about movies, and following the physics and science of a video game designed by Adderall-addled Wikipedia junkies, you'll enjoy it. If you expect any semblance of an adherance to previously-established genre (or logical) tropes, you'll be irritated and annoyed. For that, you have my pity.