Podcast #86, “Definitely”

you_sureJacked to the gills on caffeine, hiding in the basement from the mugginess of the outdoors … I got a little twitchy and repetitive on this week’s show. Expect to hear a certain word many times more than you want to over the course of the podcast. I apologize for my going to the well on certain words. For whatever reason, it happens, and particular terms get bandied about like a dog worrying a bone. It’s a little obsessive, and I apologize.

Podcast #86, “Definitely”

Sit ‘n’ Spin, “Faster” (“Faster” single)
Lydia Loveless, “Bad Way to Go” (“Bad Way to Go” single)
The Stool Pigeons, “The Way You Look Tonight” (“I’m the One” single)

Drakkar Sauna, “Son of Serious Injury” (live) (Pirate Treasure)
Tin Horn Prayer, “Stumble” (forthcoming full-length)
International Submarine Band, “Blue Eyes” (Safe At Home)

The Ettes, “Teeth” (“Teeth” single)
The Kinks, “Big Sky” (Village Green Preservation Society)
King Khan & the Shrines, “Shivers Down My Spine” (Three Hairs and You’re Mine)

The Clash, “Time Is Tight” (Black Market Clash)
James Brown, “Is It Yes or Is It No?” (“It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” single)
Otis Redding, “Shake” (Otis Blue/Otis Redding Sings Soul)

Soul Brothers Six, “You Better Check Yourself” (All Night Soul Stomp)
The JB’s, “Gimme Some More” (Food For Thought)
The Dovells, “Bristol Stomp” (Daffy Dances)