Podcast #80, “Better Late Than Never”

late-watchHoly crap! We’re back. The podcast offers up any number of excuses/reasons/rationilizations as to why the show’s been gone for so long. Suffice it to say, I’m sorry, but I’ve got a much better handle on it than I did previously. The episodes will be worked on over the ocurse of the preceding week, rather than a marathon last-minute session. Awesome as that was, it certainly didn’t result in regular updates.

Again, to reiterate – despite band issues, family stuff, personal problems, and work conflicts, there ought never be another unannounced month-long haitus.

Podcast #80, “Better Late Than Never”

Hunx, “Private Room” (Hairdresser Blues)
Boom Chick, “Shake Can Well” (“Shake Can Well” single)
Sonic Angels, “Not A Crime” (Don’t Mess with the Angels)

Fag Cop, “Don’t Stab Me” (Whimpers from the Pantheon)
Die Zorros, “Bank├╝berfall” (Future)
The Hussy, “Mind Alright” (Weed Seizure)

White Slave, “Wet Grave” (split with Meat Mist)
The Unabombers, “More Gold” (6 Minutes of Hell)
Trash Talk, “Trudge” (Eyes & Nines)

Black Flag, “No Values” (Jealous Again)
Ceremony, “Hysteria” (Intended Play)
Classics of Love, “What A Shame” (Classics of Love)

Minutemen, “Bob Dylan Wrote Propaghanda Songs” (What Makes A Man Start Fires?)
the Misfits, “Hybrid Moments” (Legacy of Brutality)
Rock ‘n’ Roll Adventure Kids, “Wild Man” (Hillbilly Psychosis)