Jeff Hancock of Hopewrecker on the band’s recent releases & future plans

hopewrecker-skullLos Angeles’ Hopewrecker formed just last year. The band – put together by Jeff Hancock, host of the Needle Drop Radio podcast – recently had their music featured on the Punk The Halls charity Christmas album, and will be on the upcoming Give Back compilation from 1859 Records. We spoke with frontman Hancock via e-mail about his new band, and the band’s future plans.

So, what’s the band’s history? I gather you’re pretty new.
Yeah this band is still very new though all of us have been in lots of bands over the years. Some of them with the same people as a matter of fact. I started this one in the Fall of 2011 after not being in a band for a long time. I just all of a sudden hit a song writing streak that was unbelievable and the songs were just way too good to not do something with them. I was coming up with catchy chord progressions and killer hooks and fun lyrics one after another so I got in touch with some friends and we banged them out.

Why the charity compilations? Are you just naturally giving?
Ha, those are just the first two opportunities that happened to come our way! But when they turn out to be really positive, “cause-based” projects it just makes us that much happier to be involved. I am very honored to be a part of both the benefit comps and I will always make time to record a song for something like that.

Are the comp tracks different than what you recorded for your intended 7-inch?
One of them is exclusive for sure. For Punk The Halls we recorded a version of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and that will be the only place to ever get that song. For 1859′s Give Back we have a song called “Planet of the Year” that is unreleased as of right now. I wouldn’t mind including that on a 7″ or something too. Right now we have about an album’s worth of songs but a couple of us are huge vinyl fiends so we want to spread them all out over a few releases. We haven’t decided what songs we would pick for our first 7″. The thought is just too exciting and I think we would jinx it.

If you could pick your label to release the 7-inch, who would it be?
Now that is a tough ass question. Should I shoot for the moon and say Fat Wreck? As far as our sound and aesthetic I think we would fit in good with Kiss Of Death or Recess. I’m thinking a lot about I Hate Punk Rock Records too. My buddy Mike knows how to put together a good looking record.

What’s the potential title for it, anyhow?
It’s funny, I have a bunch of titles and phrases written all over the place. Like probably 50 unused phrasings just waiting to be turned into a song or something. I think I like it though when the 7″ is just named after one of the songs, like the Misfits always did.

Any touring plans in the future?
Nothing confirmed yet but I’m sure we’ll be out and about!

Check out the band’s Facebook for more information.