Diflucan And Nystatin

cover-enthusiasts Diflucan And Nystatin, As I said on last week's podcast, sometimes the best stuff that comes in the mail is that which is totally unsolicited. Mondo Ray, Weak Teeth, Thee Oops - all of those acts are groups of which I never would've known had someone not sent me a record simply by checking out the website. And such is the same with the Enthusiasts, from a small town in New York state. Diflucan And Nystatin craiglist, This release sounds like it was recovered from the vaults of some long-lost '70s psych rock act. The recording, the playing - it all has that feel of a particular era, yet manages to sound of the time, rather than sounding as if it's simply aping a style. These guys know what the hell they're doing, and it makes you want to smoke a bale of weed, drink a few too many beers, and rock out in your basement with these guys playing over in the corner, Diflucan And Nystatin.

The title track does just what it says it will - it sinks down with fuzz and reverb, then surfaces, 40mg Diflucan And Nystatin, rising to the top with a powerful bit of guitar work that will pull you in over and over. The flipside, "Joanne," is a little more mellow, but no less rockin' and fuzzed-out. Diflucan And Nystatin ebay, For what's only the band's second single (the first on their own Magic Sleeve Records), this is amazing. Really, it's a great little blast of two songs no matter what, but this hair-shaking, air-guitaring workout of a single seems like the work of a much more established band. When the Enthusiasts drop a full-length, 20mg Diflucan And Nystatin, it'll melt the needle of your turntable.

You can buy the 7-inch at the band's blog. Recommendation to the band: next time, invest in plastic sleeves for the fold-over jackets, rather than stapling them together. Diflucan And Nystatin canada, It works, I suppose, but it's janky as hell and fucks up all the other records on my shelf.

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Flat Warts And Retin A

book-cover-right-by-her-rootsMuch as I wanted to enjoy Jewly Hight's Right By Her Roots: Americana Women and Their Songs Flat Warts And Retin A, , I just couldn't. The book -- out now via Baylor University Press is a bit of a mess.

The book is front-loaded with the major interview subjects, leaving the back half of the book to founder. While none of the artists featured are household names by any stretch, putting Victoria Williams, Lucinda Williams, 250mg Flat Warts And Retin A, and Michelle Shocked as three of your first four chapters doesn't leave a lot of meat in the back end.

Here's the way it works with interviews or profiles - when you know someone's work, you're more likely to be able to get in to what's being written right away. Unfortunately, the way Right By Her Roots works is that Hight treats every artist equally, Flat Warts And Retin A. She assumes that you're equally familiar with all the musicians featured within the book, and by doing so, Flat Warts And Retin A uk, presents in-depth analyses of extremely niche artists' catalogs, overwhelming the reader. We're talking about dozens of songs per woman, with a whirlwind of titles, descriptions, and connections that even a well-versed fan would be hard-pressed to follow.

The stories of these women work well, Flat Warts And Retin A paypal, but as a book, it's rather repetitive. A better option would have been to release the stories as a series of articles, allowing them to breathe and live on their own. Flat Warts And Retin A, Presented back-to-back-to-back, the formula used by Hight becomes readily apparent: introduction of artist, brief overview of artist's career, then ad-nauseum analysis of the artist's catalog, with interview segments sprinkled throughout. Repeat eight times. Flat Warts And Retin A india, This wouldn't be a problem if the interviews were used more liberally. I always find the back catalog analysis to be the weakest part of any book about music, because it's where the author has to shift journalistic gears from reporter to critic. Rarely does this work out well. When Hight works in straight interview/feature style, Right By Her Roots is an engaging read. Unfortunately, Flat Warts And Retin A japan, rarely is that the case.

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Short-term Memory Prozac

Short-term Memory Prozac, When you think of poker and gambling, you think of Las Vegas, big wads of cash, and maybe a few social beverages. It should come as no surprise that many rock stars have taken up the game of poker in recent years, especially seeing that there is so much money at stake at online poker sties for US players and others. Short-term Memory Prozac canada, Let's look at a few of those stars that play poker.

Some rock stars have used poker as not just a way to make some money, but also to help out those less fortunate. Vince Neil of Motley Crue helped out the Nevada SPCA a couple of years ago by taking part in a charity poker tournament that raised literally tens of thousands for neglected and abused dogs. Of course, Short-term Memory Prozac craiglist, for his generosity he had to face the Godfather of Texas Hold'em poker Doyle Brunson. Let's just say that Brunson made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains as well as Vinnie Paul from Pantera joined Kirk Hamett from Metallica and Greg Tribbett from Mudvayne were all part of a major promotion by online site UltimateBet that allowed players to battle rock and roll stars for a seat for the 2009 Aruba Poker Classic, Short-term Memory Prozac. The rockers were part of a massive tournament that awarded bounties for players who were fortunate enough to knock the players out.

One of the most skilled rock star poker players would have to be Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian. Short-term Memory Prozac japan, Ian is not just your average recreational poker player. After winning a seat to the Aruba Poker Classic in 2007 in VH1's Rock Stars of Charity poker tournament, he went on to take lessons from poker pros Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke. Within a couple of years, 200mg Short-term Memory Prozac, Ian became so proficient that online site UB.com decided to sign Ian as a sponsored pro. Ian has been featured in many high profile tournaments, 1000mg Short-term Memory Prozac, including the World Series of Poker.

As you can see, the game of poker attracts a varied crowd and those from all walks of life play the game. If you have never played poker, now is a good time to learn the game. You may not be able to play a guitar or sing like a rock star, but you sure can play poker like one.


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Cipro Overnight Visa

punk-spirit Cipro Overnight Visa, Jesus. I have no idea why I can't stop hiccuping during the podcasts. I'm fine until I get on the mic, and then: "*hic* *hic* *hic*" It's like I'm a lush from a 1950's comic strip or something. Maybe it has something to do with the way I sit in my chair and speak into the microphone. I've got that proper straight-spin posture, speaking from the diaphragm and all, 20mg Cipro Overnight Visa. Who knows.

The music this week is a nice, concise blend of punk and new wave, heavy on the 1980s. I certainly had fun digging up some lesser-played tracks, 40mg Cipro Overnight Visa, and it'll be a nice counterpoint to next week's all-new material.

Podcast #77, "Spirit Of"

7 Seconds, "Regress No Way" (Walk Together, Rock Together
Big Boys, "No Love" (No Matter How Long The Line...)
NOFX, "Friend Or Foe" (NOFX)
The Impossibles, Cipro Overnight Visa australia, "Get It + Got It = Good" (Never Say Goodbye)
Unwritten Law, "Lame" ("Lame" single)
The Haddonfields, "One Bottle" (We Are Not Alone)
The Murder City Devils, "That's What You Get" (Thelema
Them, "Baby, 30mg Cipro Overnight Visa, Please Don't Go" (Good Morning Vietnam soundtrack)
The Enthusiasts, "Sinkin'/Risin'" ("Sinkin'/Risin'" single)
The Dickies, "Pretty Please Me" (Stukas Over Disneyland)
The Ergs!, "Saturday Night Crap-O-Rama" (Dorkrockcorkrod)
Art Brut, "Formed A Band" (Bang Bang Rock & Roll)
Julie Brown, "Earth Girls Are Easy" (Goddess In Progress)
Devo, "Be Stiff" (DEV-O Live)
The B-52's, Cipro Overnight Visa coupon, "Mesopotamia" (Mesopotamia.

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Xrd Erythromycin Methylene Chloride

Boston's Dan Webb & the Spiders Xrd Erythromycin Methylene Chloride, released their third LP last year. Entitled Much Obliged, it's on Gunner Records, and sounds far differently than what you'd expect from a Boston punk act. It takes almost nothing from that area's long history of hardcore and streepunk, instead offering up a mix of influences that owe more to the more "rural" areas of the country. We spoke with the group's frontman and namesake, Dan Webb, via e-mail about the group's influences.

dan-webb-the-spiders-01Where does your sound come from. The new album has an interesting mix of Gainesville 'orgcore and the Replacements.

That's an interesting insight you have about the dichotomy of the sound, Xrd Erythromycin Methylene Chloride. I think the Gainesville angle is a result of growing up in the punk community, 100mg Xrd Erythromycin Methylene Chloride. All that we know of the music, we learned through basement shows, van tours and self-released music. So our background is heavily rooted in that DIY world. The replacements aspect comes from us loving really well-crafted pop songs from more mainstream artists like the 'mats, the Kinks or the Beatles. Xrd Erythromycin Methylene Chloride, The sound we have is essentially pop songs with punk ingredients.

Why the vocal effect. It sounds kind of hollow and echo-y. It's an interesting counterpoint to the chiming guitars.

The vocal effect was basically a safety net that allowed me to feel more comfortable when I originally made the first record back in '09. 500mg Xrd Erythromycin Methylene Chloride, I wasn't really stoked on how my voice came across by itself, unaffected when we were recording and I was listening to a lot of Jay Reatard and the Thermals at the time. The idea was to have the overblown vocal lend the whole thing a kind of overdriven, garage-y feel, like the Marked Men or something, Xrd Erythromycin Methylene Chloride. And then, just out of habit, I used it again on Oh Sure, and then a third time on Much Obliged. We recently recorded some bonus tracks for the re-release of Oh Sure and those tracks will be the first ones that don't have the vocal effect on them. I think those sound great, so moving forward, we won't be using the vocal effect.

cover-much-obliged"28 Years" is pretty mellow, Xrd Erythromycin Methylene Chloride usa, and it's a bit of a "record-flip/end of side one" tune. Xrd Erythromycin Methylene Chloride, That acoustic sound of "28 Years" is mirrored with what sounds like a mandolin in the album-ender, "Shrug." Is that intended?

The placement of "28 Years" as the closer of the first side was intentional. I thought it would be a nice way to break up the album a little. Sometimes records throw acoustic songs at the end of the album, and those always feel like afterthoughts to me, so I wanted to make sure it was right in the middle of the record, so it really felt like part of the album. There is no mandolin on "Shrug," but that one felt like a proper album closer from the get-go. In terms of album placement, 150mg Xrd Erythromycin Methylene Chloride, those two definitely had the most thought put into them. The rest could be shuffled around, Xrd Erythromycin Methylene Chloride.

You've played with a wide variety of bands. Do you find that there's a specific kind of act that you fit best with, or does the fact that Dan Webb & the Spiders span genres mean that you can play with anyone?

I feel most at home in the punk DIY world, although we may be a little more pop than some in that crowd would prefer. Despite this, it's the world we come from so it's where we are most comfortable and I think it's where we fit best. We have played with a few acts a little more on the garage-y/indie side of things, but I think of us more as a punk band with garage tendencies rather than the other way around. Xrd Erythromycin Methylene Chloride, I've been told that we should play outside of the "punk" scene, but I don't really see us appealing to folks that don't want to spend time drinking beer in basements. We really haven't tested those waters adequately, so it's tough to say, 10mg Xrd Erythromycin Methylene Chloride.

Any plans of upcoming tours?

In March we are headed back to Germany and the UK in support of the European release of Oh Sure. We will be over there for a run of about 25 dates, and the itinerary is here.

Compare the band's "echo-y" vocal sound on Much Obliged with a non-effected bonus track from the forthcoming re-release of Oh Sure.


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Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis Answer Generated

cover-btmi-vacation Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis Answer Generated, Despite the fact that it came out months ago, I only recent snagged a vinyl copy of Bomb the Music Industry!'s latest, Vacation. It'd taken me a while to warm up to the newer sounds of the Brooklyn band. This new record is certainly a switch from the ska-punk-indie experimental noise that they were known for.

This is a truly mellow, introspective record, but like Fletcher said in a recent NN2S strip, it's not mature - "Punk bands don't get better when they mature, Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis Answer Generated india. Cheese gets better when it matures. And more smelly, Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis Answer Generated. Punk bands that mature just get more boring. And less smelly."

However, even after seeing BtMI. at the Overlook this summer, Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis Answer Generated mexico, I wasn't down with what they're doing. Then, as is the case with really great albums, I found myself throwing it on while I was working down here in the basement, and as I listened more and more, it ended up being this album that showed Jeff Rosenstock can make mellow songs, where he's not shouting, 50mg Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis Answer Generated, broken-voiced, at the top of his lungs, where the band's not jumping time signatures and styles every thirty seconds, and it's still innovative and brilliant. "The Shit That You Hate" is the logical continuation of Scrambles Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis Answer Generated, songs like "(Shut) Up the Punx!!!" and really just hits close to home for a guy who's getting older and wondering if complaining all the time might not be a little tiresome.

Plus, 250mg Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis Answer Generated, seriously - look at this vinyl. It's so amazingly gorgeous, and the packaging much the same. It's the sort of thing that makes you remember why you start listening to vinyl in the first place. Never can you look at an mp3 or a 300x300 pixel JPEG and marvel at the artistry like you can with a 12-inch slab o' wax like this:

Go buy the record from Really Records. Yes, you can download it for free over at Quote Unquote, Quick Forum Readtopic Cialis Answer Generated ebay, and I suggest you do that, just to be sure you like it (you don't have to take my word for it - I'm just a jackass bitching about records on the Internet). But if you do like it, fucking buy a copy. It's gorgeous.

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Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin

valient-himself Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin, After all the hoopla regarding the SOPA/PIPA stuff last week, and the takedown of Megaupload, we'd heard a lot from the likes of media pundits and analysts, but nothing really from the folks supposedly affected by the whole piracy thing against which SOPA was supposed to defend.

That was until Friday, when Valient Himself, frontman for Venusian boogie-metal rockers Valient Thorr, took to his Twitter feed (@valientthorr) to lay out what might be the most rational deconstruction of the whole thing I've seen thus far. The Pirate Bay's screed is funnier, Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin uk, but this is far cooler and personal. I've taken the liberty of assembling all the tweets into an easy-to-read couple of paragraphs below.

Everyone is guilty of illegal downloading. Me including, Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin. Since Napster was invented. But its out of hand. There are still tons of sites up. I wanna ramble for a sec here- don't wanna clog feeds too much, Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin paypal, so hopefully you won't unfollow, but I wanna address something:

there's a big difference between censorship & piracy. Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin, I've been against SOPA & PIPA from the beginning, but not because they may take away my ability to download free movies or music. That (hopefully) is NOT why MOST artists are against it. We are against it b/c the bills are written SO poorly as to allow corpos & the gov't to BLOCK or CENSOR our sites & therefore our thoughts & freedom much like in China, etc. Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin overseas, Downloading flicks & jams that are not free is illegal, & REALLY takes bread out of all artist's (big & SMALL) pockets (read: mouths). I'm still against SOPA & PIPA & I think the MPAA & RIAA are fucked up. But if Megaupload goes down, that's not censorship, Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin. They were pirates. I'll not shed a tear for megaupload. The point of this ramble is this: SOPA & PIPA were written poorly. Most in gov't couldn't tell you why, 750mg Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin. Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin, If they were purely anti-piracy they may not have been that bad.

But they were full of flaws that would have endangered our freedom. BUT piracy endangers plenty as well. Many artists have spoken out about this. Gillionaires may not care, but hundredaires can't afford rent. Just wanted our Anonymous friends to know that while we're mostly on their side, All stories aren't black & white, Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin. Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin us, Thanx for reading... sorry for the ramble. Hope yall dig that. now back to your regular scheduled horseshit. #peace


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Stop Taking Prozac

wanted-dead-or-alive-dean Stop Taking Prozac, We take a turn down the gravel road this week, hitting you with some "greatest hits" of the alt.country scene, if such a thing is possible. the other songs, while lesser-known, are no less wonderful, and we could've easily made this a 30-track, two-hour affair.

Hopefully, Stop Taking Prozac coupon, it makes up for the fact that just as we got used to the new mic, we had to screw everything up by adding a new mixing board. It's a lovely and simple little Mady 6-channel mixer, and it's a little easier to use, being as how the Tascam needed software to operate, Stop Taking Prozac usa, whereas we can adjust this one on the fly. Hopefully, things will get better as we learn how to operate this thing (we're a little rusty yet), so please be patient.

Podcast #76, "Insurgent"

Old Crow Medicine Show, "Wagon Wheel" (O.C.M.S.)
The Jayhawks, 20mg Stop Taking Prozac, "Blue" (Tomorrow the Green Grass)
Billy Bragg & Wilco, "Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key" (Mermaid Avenue)
The Byrds, "Eight Miles High" (Greatest Hits)
A Band of Bees, "Love in the Harbour" (Octopus)
Old 97's, "Valentine" (Fight Songs)
Andrew Jackson Jihad, Stop Taking Prozac us, "Survival" (People Who Can Eat People...)
Ryan Adams, "Goodbye Honey" (Makign Singles, Drinking Doubles)
Kepi Ghoulie, "This Friend Of Mine" (American Gothic)
The Sadies, "One Million Songs" (Tremenoud Efforts)
Lee Hazlewood, "We All Make the Flowers Grow" (Trouble Is A Lonesome Town)
Wanda Jackson, "Funnel Of Love" (Rock 'n' Roll At the Capitol Tower Vol, 40mg Stop Taking Prozac. 3)
Ween, "You Were The Fool" (12 Golden Greats)
John Doe with Neko Case, "Hwy 5" (Forever Hasn't Happened Yet)
The Vandals, "Elvis Decanter" (Slippery When Ill).

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Amoxicillin And Elderly

holy-shakes Amoxicillin And Elderly, We've been siting on this mp3 for a while, and I can't think of a valid reason. For those not in the know (or who don't listen to the podcast), the Holy Shakes are a band based out of Hot Springs, 250mg Amoxicillin And Elderly, Arkansas. They also happen to feature on vocals one Mr. Billy Spunke, former vocalist and frontman for long-running Chicago ska-punk-core-whatever-jazz band, Amoxicillin And Elderly uk, the Blue Meanies. The band recorded a demo, 50mg Amoxicillin And Elderly, and it is amazing.

Think the ebb-and-flow throbbing anger of early '90s Amphetimine Reptile bands mixed with the snotty, focused energy of Rocket From the Crypt, Cougars or (yes) the Blue Meanies, minus the horns, Amoxicillin And Elderly. It's lean, focused rock and roll, and I hope to god some label has the good sense to pick this up and release it, Amoxicillin And Elderly craiglist. If I had the money, I'd fucking release it myself. Amoxicillin And Elderly japan, Keep an eye out for their upcoming shows at their Facebook page.

Holy Shakes, "Feast or Famine".

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Buy Cipro Without A Prescription

book-cover-spray-paint-the-wallsGiven the amount of material from Our Band Could Be Your Life and Get In the Van Buy Cipro Without A Prescription, , you'd think that Stevie Chick's Spray Paint the Walls: The Story of Black Flag would be a little shorter. The author did a number of interviews, and the material from band members such as Chuck Dukowski and Keith Morris is wonderfully illuminating, in terms of what they bring to the story.

However, Buy Cipro Without A Prescription australia, the Greg Ginn and Henry Rollins material all comes from previously-published material. In other words, the bulk of the story is already out there. Buy Cipro Without A Prescription india, While Spray Paint the Walls is a wonderful piece of research, it's not a story which you've not heard. It's well-organized, but the most illuminating piece of the book is that Rollins' infamous "shed" from Get in the Van was in fact a fully-finished study behind the Ginn household, as opposed to an actual garden shed (as I'd always assumed), 30mg Buy Cipro Without A Prescription.

This is a nice way to aggregate the story of Black Flag into one thick tome. If you've been a fan of the band for some time, or a student of punk history, Buy Cipro Without A Prescription canada, you already know what's within its pages, however. While Chick does a good job of presenting a cohesive, interesting story, it's not strong enough of a narrative to keep anyone reading other than already staunch Black Flag fans, Buy Cipro Without A Prescription overseas.

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