Pre-order up for Streetlight Manifesto frontman’s acoustic album

cover-streetlight-lullabiesTomas Kalnoky is evidently now going by the name Toh Kay (clever) for his debut solo release, Streetlight Dreams, from Pentimento Music Company. It seems like Kalnoky’s non-Streetlight Manifesto output is entirely reworked material. His split with Mu330′s Dan Potthast had him covering Potthast’s solo work and that of Mu330, but as that was the intent of the project (Potthast covered Streelight Manifesto songs), we’ll give him a pass. However, the Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution’s A Call to Arms featured Catch 22′s “Dear Sergio,” with only three original songs.

However, the 99 Songs of Revolution project he recently started is dedicated wholly “on playing music that other musicians have written,” meaning we’ve got quite a few cover songs to hear before we get something “new.” Add into this the fact that Streetlight Dreams is going to be “a stripped down version of the songs you know,” and it makes me wonder if Kalnoky’s just turning into the ska-punk version of Kepi Ghoulie. In other words, the both of them have recorded a slew of songs I love, but keep recording and re-recording them in different styles and formats, to the point where I just start to wonder if I’ll ever hear anything new again.

That being said, the pre-order for Streetlight Dreams is up now at the RISC store, as well as that for a single that features the Somewhere In the Between track “We Will Fall Together” and a cover of Bad Religion’s “Hooray For Me.” The album is due out November 22.