Rookie of the New Rochelles on “It’s New!”

cover-new-rochellesNew York’s the New Rochelles recently released It’s New! on Bright and Barrow. The self-described “Ramones-core” trio were cool enough to send a link to check out the release, which is kind of interesting, as the album is a full-length, but the physical release is just half the songs.

So, we here at Rock Star Journalist reached out to bassist Rookie Rochelle, who talked with us about the new record (which, by the way, is fucking stellar pop-punk that you Teenage Bottlerocket fans will cream your jeans over).

How long have the New Rochelles been together?

Rookie: Well the band actually started around 2001. I wasn’t in the band back then, it was just Ronnie, Ricky and Reject. Reject didn’t last long and Ronnie and Ricky were in a different band at the time so that took precedent and The New Rochelles became inactive. In the beginning of 2010 we got the wheels moving again and we haven’t looked back.

Why the full-length download and 7″ physical?

Rookie: Every punk band needs to have a vinyl release. I am a big record nerd so it was important to me to have the 7inch made. However, it seems like the music industry is moving more and more towards digital every year so I am glad that we are providing the best of both worlds.

You guys have “Watch Out For the Skunkape.” Do you have any ideas as to why so many pop-punk bands like the supernatural/horror/b-movies?

Rookie: I am not quite sure why this is, but some of the bands that we all grew up listening to such as The Lillingtons really perfected those song concepts.

Could you explain skunkapes, for the benefit of my readers who are too lazy to use Wikipedia?

Rookie: The skunkape is the big foot of Florida. It looks like an ape, walks like a man and smells like a skunk. It is a regional thing. Ronnie Rochelle grew up in Florida. Every place has their myths or legends… the skunkape might be neither.

What inspired “Jargon Mania”? The litany of out-of-date slang is hilarious.

Rookie: “Jargon Mania” is a song made up of different names or terms we use to describe different people. There are different types of people in this world and we wanted to make sure we covered them all.