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cerebral-ballzy-006 How Does Cialis W, Every so often, I like to take what I've got planned for the show, and just chuck it out the window. When this year's Afropunk festival was canceled, due to Hurricane Irene, I was pretty bummed. Not that I couldn't go - I mean, seriously, How Does Cialis W craiglist, I'm in fucking Kansas. No, I was upset because some local kids, Radkey, had the opportunity to play for a whole bunch of folks in New York, and lost their opportunity. So, How Does Cialis W uk, I figured that I'd be a decent dude and throw their tunes on the podcast this week, and it just seemed natural to focus in on artists who were slated to play this year's festival, as well as alumni from past years.

If you like what you hear, support these artists by buying their music, How Does Cialis W. You can check out scads more artists at the Afropunk download page, as well. 40mg How Does Cialis W, Fans of this podcast might enjoy American Fangs or Pure Hell.

Podcast #60, "Afropunk"

Cee Lo Green, "Goldschläger" (Stray Bullets)
Janelle Monáe, "Tightrope (Feat. Big Boi)" (The ArchAndroid)
Santogold, "Creator" (Santogold)
P.O.S, 1000mg How Does Cialis W, "De La Souls" (Audition)
Fishbone, "Skankin' to the Beat" (Say Anything soundtrack)
Cerebral Ballzy, "Junkie For Her" (Cerebral Ballzy)
Bad Brains, "How Low Can A Punk Get?" (Black Dots)
Radkey, "Mind Ride" (Demo)
Das Racist, How Does Cialis W mexico, "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" (Hey, Dude)
The Cool Kids, "Gold and a Pager" (The Bake Sale EP)
Reggie Watts, "Fuck Shit Stack" (Why Shit So Crazy?)
Bad Rabbits, "Can't Back Down" (Stick Up Kids EP).

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