Bootsy Collins releases first album in five years next week

cover-bootsy-funkNext Tuesday sees the release of the newest album from funk icon Bootsy Collins, ha Funk Capitol of the World. It’s his first solo 2006′s Christmas Is 4 Ever, although he was part of Science Faxtion, which released Living on Another Frequency in 2009.

The album is chockablock with guest artists from Ice Cube to Samuel L. Jackson to the Reverend Al Sharpton, so it promises to be unsurprisingly bizarre. It’s out via Mascot Records, and while the CD features limited-edition holographic covers that the press release promises it “breathes like it is a living being … it’s alive,” the LP sounds like a better deal. It’s available as a limited-edition double LP on transparent blue vinyl. You can order it direct from Mascot’s store, where it’ll run you €25 (roughly $36 US).

Check out an interview with Bootsy about the album on WNYC’s Soundcheck last month.

Just sort of as an aside: did you know that Bootsy turns 60 in October? Does that seem weird to you? That’s awfully young (relatively speaking) for someone who was both in the original iteration of the JB’s and Parliament-Funkadelic.