Perhaps the stupidest bonus ever?

burlesque-corsetWhile I’ve seen Mystery Science Theater 3000 box sets with robot statuettes, Talledega Nights with a Ricky Bobby bobblehead, and Clerks 2 in a Mooby’s kid’s meal, this offering for the Blu-Ray release of Burlesque today might have to take the cake as the most ridiculous add-in ever.

If you buy the Blu-Ray / DVD combo pack of the Christina Aguilera and Cher vehicle at Best Buy, you get a corset. I’m assuming it’s one-size-fits-all.

Alice Cooper’s School’s Out originally came with a pair of “panties,” but they were made of paper, and not intended to be worn. This, however, is a legitimate undergarment, and I imagine it’s as comfortable as a free corset can be. Ladies, if you happen to pick this up and try it on, let us know how comfortable it is, will you?

I promise this is the last request I will make of our readers to inform us as to the fit of their underclothing.