Review of Repeated Viewing’s “Street Force” cassette at Starburst Magazine

One of the best aspects of the music Alan Sinclair produces as Repeated Viewing is the fact that, for all of the faux mythologizing regarding his imaginary film scores, they actually tell a story through music. One can create artwork, a backstory, or some semblance of a plot summary, but all of that means nothing without music which could actually soundtrack said scenario.
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Mills Record Co. feature at the Pitch

Mills Record Co. feels like a Westport institution, even though the shop first opened next to Dave’s Stagecoach in May 2013. Less than a year and a half later, the shop expanded into a former vape store next door, doubling its size. Now, a couple of months after its third anniversary, Mills has moved into a much bigger space, around the corner at 4045 Broadway, the former home of Westport on Broadway Antiques.
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Review of SSQ’s “Playback” LP at Modern Vinyl

ssq playback cover
For those who know SSQ, they likely only know the ‘80s synth act in terms of two things: either as “the band Stacey Q was in before ‘Two of Hearts’” or “that one band from the Return of the Living Dead soundtrack.” They’re both of those things, but also, something more: a band who had everything working for them, only to never quite make it, despite one well-received video (for “Synthicide”), as well as a slightly more notorious one (for “Screaming in My Pillow”).
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Tracklisted: Roadtrip at Modern Vinyl

stormy road instagram
Much like the classic mixtape, Tracklisted presents a collection of songs under a selected theme, which you can check out below. Click on the provided Spotify playlist and listen to this week’s arrangement while you read a few words about the selections. The best car songs have that propulsive beat, mimicking the sound of tires eating up mile after mile of blacktop. Building offMeghin’s fifty states playlist from a couple months back, why not take a trip down the highway and visit as many as we can? Songs were chosen based on their propulsive nature, beats, and whether or not they’re actually about driving/roads/etc. Explanations of a few follow, and the rest, and their reasons for inclusion, ought to be readily apparent.
Read the complete notes of and listen to the Roadtrip mixtape at Modern Vinyl. Published 7/19/16

Review of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop – 21 LP at Starburst Magazine

bbc 21
In terms of musicality, BBC Radiophonic Workshop - 21 isn’t likely to be the sort of thing one puts on for groovy background tunes at a party. Honestly, the 21 record is really more of a historical document than an album, featuring as it does a vaguely chronological collection of pieces from the first 21 years of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s history on the a-side. Given that the majority of the Workshop’s early work wasn’t so much musical as background effects, what you have here is far more experimental tones. It’s musique concrete, rather than concrete melodies.
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Review of the Philistines’ “The Backbone of Night” at Modern Vinyl

philistines cover
There’s a lot to love about the Philistines’ debut LP, The Backbone of Night, but the way the first side ends and the second side begins might be the best one-two punch of audio I’ve heard in ages. While the entirety of the album is a strong collection of psychedelic-tinged rock ‘n’ roll, the pure, energetic blast of “A Twitch of the Death Nerve,” coupled with the epic six-piece “guitarchestra” of “The Accretion Disco” is everything this Kansas City sextet can do, summed up in two tracks.
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Lawrence Field Day Fest 5 feature at the Pitch

[caption id="attachment_18836" align="aligncenter" width="540"]Music_ShadowRabbits.57850c177944f Shadow Rabbits[/caption]
In its original incarnation, Lawrence Field Day Fest featured the sort of games played during elementary school field days. Those games have gone by the wayside in favor of three days of the best local music the area has to offer. Past years have focused on indie and rock acts, but the fifth edition has the fest branching out with more bands and artists than ever before. In addition to the fest spotlighting Girls Rock Lawrence, there will be three different local labels showcasing their acts. The Pitch spoke with the folks behind the Record Machine, High Dive Records and Datura to find out what they have to offer attendees this year.
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Ghoul Q&A at the Pitch

Thrash-metal maniacs Ghoul hail from Creepsylvania, which might be a state, a country or a collective state of hallucination. The four masked mutant madmen have been wreaking havoc around the world for 15 years, and they kick off their next tour opening for British grindcore band Carcass on Sunday, July 17, at the Granada. That tour also sees the band celebrating Dungeon Bastards, its latest full-length, which comes out at the end of this month on Tankcrimes. The Pitch spoke with Digestor, Ghoul’s guitarist and vocalist, via e-mail about life and death in Creepsylvania, surviving Killbot and more weirdness.
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“Basket Case 2 / Frankenhooker” soundtrack review at Starburst Magazine

"Frank Henenlotter's films are amazing works of DIY weirdness, and for two of them he made magic with the assistance of composer Joe Renzetti. Sure, Renzetti's work for Child's Play was of a higher profile, but the music he composed for Basket Case 2 andFrankenhooker are arguably far more entertaining."
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Review of Inon Zur’s “Fallout 4” score at Starburst Magazine

fallout 4 vinyl
For those not willing to drop the fantastic amount of money required for the complete Fallout 4 score on sextuple LP, there's a single picture disc vinyl LP available direct from the GameStop online store. It contains eight tracks of Inon Zur's score and hits all the highlights from the 65 cuts composed for the game.
Read the complete review of Inon Zur's Fallout 4 score at Starburst Magazine. Published 6/10/16