FamousFM - "The Long And Short Of Measuring Up"
Manwithburden Music

Ah, pure, sweet, pop. This area has been breeding pop bands like crazy the past five years or so, and FamousFM proudly follows in the tradition of Ultimate Fakebook, The Get Up Kids, The Creature Comforts, Moaning Lisa, and Podstar.

However, FamousFM plays music that is more pure pop than pop-rock. I am not saying this is a bad thing- no, not at all. Almost every song on The Long and Short of Measuring Up is infectious and catchy, as all good pop songs should be. All the choruses are instant sing-alongs. "Little Miss Galaxy"s chorus especially sucked me in with its "Why don’t we wait and see if this is one more for the losers?" line.

The guitars and bass work nicely together, playing off one another to create some memorable riffs and melodies - especially "Style Points." The drums hold everything together and provide nice, tight, head bobbing beats. John’s vocals are very similar to Matt Pryor of the Get Up Kids’ voice.

Unfortunately, FamousFM really isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been done countless times before by Cheap Trick and many other bands. Granted, it is done well, but it’s nothing new under the sun. This is really my only complaint with Famous FM. They just need to find the thing that separates them from the rest, and they'll be well on their way to becoming one of the area's best pop acts.

The Long And Short Of Measuring Up is a good step towards what could eventually be a GREAT pop act. Everything’s there, and there are hints of what may be eventually be something very different and new. For example, there were hints of keyboards and distortion that were welcome changes from the jangly guitars. Given a year or two, FamousFM could become the band that everyone’s talking about. Let’s hope so.